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Leisure Sector. LED Modular Lighting – Winchester 2016

Riverside Indoor Bowling Club chose LSLCo new LED 30 W modular unit to replace their old switch start twin 70 W fluorescent fittings which were consuming 32KW of electricity. The 108 twin fittings were replaced with 216 of our LED modular units which only consumed 13.4 KW of energy reducing consumption by a 58%! We also increased illuminance levels from 275 lux to 578 lux* as our LED modular have a Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) of 5000K.

We also provided our new LED emergency non-maintained bulkheads fittings to replace their old T5 emergency bulkheads fittings.

*measured at 1m from floor

Food Processing Sector. Induction Lighting & LED lighting – Powys 2015

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