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Manufacturers & Suppliers of Sustainable Lighting Solutions

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Commercial LED & Induction Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers LSLCo UK Ltd

At LSLCo we specialise in energy efficient and sustainable lighting products for the agricultural, commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and educational sectors. We provide site surveys, lighting design and bespoke luminaire design for sustainable lighting solutions.

As one of the leading Induction and LED lighting manufacturers & suppliers in the UK we have successfully completed a number of commercial projects ranging from low bay fittings for the marine industry in the Shetlands Islands; 480 high bay units in an automotive factory in Telford; 54 luminaire conversions using Induction and LED with presence detectors for a science centre in Winchester, to providing Simulated Lighting Environmental Controls (SLEC®) for a variety poultry houses.

Saving Energy - Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Artificial lighting counts for around 25% - 40% of the electrical consumption in many buildings. LSLCo’s lighting specialists can help your business achieve savings of between 40% to 90% of your current lighting energy costs, maintenance costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint by replacing existing conventional internal and/or external lighting namely; metal halide, fluorescent, sodium, halogen etc. with our affordable, low energy, high efficiency internal and/or external lighting solutions.

Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Our lighting products utilise the latest low energy Induction & LED technologies which reduce energy consumption and lamp replacement by as much as 80%. Savings can be achieved in distribution centres, warehouses, sports halls, car parks, heat treatment plants, chilled storage units, food preparation sites, manufacturing sites, tunnels, quarries, Industrial sites, poultry houses, dairy sheds, and many other areas.

At LSLCo UK Ltd we take a holistic approach as a lighting manufacturer and supplier and we don’t believe in ‘one solution fits all’, which is why we offer a range of commercial lighting options and technologies to many businesses throughout Europe.

Induction and LED lighting offers substantial energy savings over conventional commercial lighting without any deterioration in existing light levels. In fact our customers benefit from improved lighting levels and significantly reduced maintenance costs since lamp life is greater when compared with conventional lamps.

Sustainable Lighting Surveys

Our experienced lighting specialists will survey your existing lighting arrangements and propose energy efficient alternatives from our standard or, if necessary, customised product range. To optimise lighting operation, additional controls can also be provided such as presence detection, absence detection and light level detection locally.

In addition to being one of the of the UK’s largest Induction & LED lighting suppliers and lighting specialists, we also offer to assess your existing lighting fixtures to the suitability for retrofit with our low energy lamps along with a disposal service complying with WEEE (LSLCo UK Ltd Registration No: WEE/ED1421WR).

For more information on any of our products and services, call LSLCo UK today on 01962 600 136 - the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Induction & LED lighting.

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